Chris Kenna’s Brand Advance unveils diversity-focused creative division

Kenna: founded Brand Advance in 2017
Kenna: founded Brand Advance in 2017

Brand Advance, a media network to get brand ads in front of more diverse audiences, has launched a creative division in a bid to better represent groups within advertising.

Led by Daisy Rogers, head of content and creative, Brand Advance Creative aims to better represent target audiences by enlisting the communities and demographics to develop content.

Each campaign must gain a 70% approval rating against a focus group before it can launch, and Brand Advance Creative is currently working with GSK, Dial Summit 3 and Brixton Finishing School.

“Since launching Brand Advance, we have gone from stride to stride and we are always looking to bring new innovative solutions to market,” Rogers said.

“Having surveyed our clients, we realised there was a real need for creative projects to be developed by diverse producers and creators to truly engage audiences of diverse backgrounds, this led to the inception of Brand Advance Creative.”

The new division has been launched in the aftermath of a 1438% rise in adland during the 2020 financial year, with Brand Advance projecting a further uptick in growth of 203% by the end of 2021.

Brand Advance Creative’s staff is currently 40% women, 40% LGBT+ and 40% people from black, Asian and minority ethnic groups.

Chris Kenna, chief executive and founder of Brand Advance said: “We’re the only company helping brands reach diverse audiences authentically at scale.

“Brands and agencies haven’t been doing enough in their D&I efforts and following the events of last year it’s promising to see that they want to step up.

“We’re the specialists they’re coming to and we’ve achieved some amazing results in just a short space of time, which is encouraging.”

In February last year, Kenna urged brands to tackle the blacklisting of terms including “gay”, “Muslim” and “black” in an effort to better reach Generation Z.

He continued: “We’ll look to strengthen the relationships we have with our agencies and clients and we have big plans to open new offices in a number of cities around the world, including New York, Berlin and Paris hopefully by the end of 2021.”


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