Uplift in brands engaging demographics with culturally relevant advertising

Culture and commerce have always run side by side, as well as being a tightrope for brands to walk. Twitter and Magna partnered for a new study “The Impact of Culture”, showing just how much people on Twitter expect brands to be culturally relevant. This looked at how brands align with events, promoting trends defining today’s culture, and supporting social issues that benefit everyone.

Consumers aged 18 to 35 say that brand involvement in culture is especially important to them. It was found that Twitter users are more passionate and informed about brands aligning with culture.

By embracing culture, staying current, demonstrating knowledge of consumers, and giving back brands can become more relevant. When consumers make the decision about which products to buy or services to use they typically look at prices, quality, and reputation. But also look closely into how brands reflect their interests and support issues at the forefront of their mind.

When calculating the consumer purchase decision, 25% of it makes up the brand’s cultural involvement. This is vital for companies to consider as consumers will look at the involvement in culture and could be the deciding factor in whether or not a purchase is made. These statistics should force a rethink in strategy for marketing departments, especially when one campaign can significantly influence cultural influence.


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